Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Couch and New Weather

After waiting about 7 weeks, we finally got our couch! It is green and has a round ottoman. We love it! It's nice to have furniture again.

And, it snowed the other day. It only lasted about 30 minutes, and melted almost immediately, but being from Texas this was very exciting for us. I tried to get some pictures of it actually falling, but my camera refused to pick it up. Here's a little on the ground.


  1. The house is looking homely and gorgeous! Just in time for winter, hey?!

  2. Looking really cozy Carol and David! So glad you are getting settled in. Wishing your family a Beautiful Thanksgiving!

  3. Looks like the couch comes with a husband, and the ottoman comes with a laptop. Big up for that handsome fridge, too. No surprise you can decorate, I guess.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Carol
    Love the new furniture!
    YOu may enjoy the snow now, but after you have shoveled 90" or so in the winter it may get a little old. So enjoy those snow angels and snow men while they are still a novelty
    Lee Rowan

  5. LOVE your new sofa, Carol! I'm so glad you are settling in to your new home. Blessings on you all.

  6. Hi Carol,
    It's been fun reading about your transition to life in Oregon. A couple of years ago, I wrote you about art and included a blub about how much we enjoy living in Portland. If memory serves, you mentioned how much you enjoyed the area and hoped to live here one day.
    Fast forward to the recent tragedy and your decision to make the move west. The entire event and subsequent move stunned me, along with countless others.
    Now that you're settling-in and documenting your experiences, I find myself smiling as I read your reactions to life here and how well you all seem to be handling such a dramatic transition.
    So, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may you and your family have fun discovering the many things which make this such a special place.
    Congratulations on your successful move and start of a new life in Oregon.

  7. Great couch! Looks very comfortable.

    Have you heard? Julian Merrow Smith's house had a major house fire on Friday night and is now uninhabitable. That's the third artist in a year to lose a house to fire. Luckily the structure is still standing but they got out with very little. I don't know if you have any tips for surviving a house fire.......

  8. Ah, your house looks comfy and contented and like a home! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I love the sofa and the dining room set. So glad WDM got a comfy chair again. Congratulations on the run! It looks so MOIST there. Are you going to paint a banana slug?

  10. So glad to see a bit of normalcy granted to you guys! Every day I think of your and your journey, and your courage, and your generosity, and I wish for smooth sailing for you! I love the couch! Having been on a couch hunt myself last year (Carol can attest to my ratty old one!) I know how great it is when the RIGHT one comes home! Relax! Enjoy! And have a truly Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. A new beginning, always a good thing. I love your new house, and was sorry to read the reasons why you had to move. I too had a new beginning and moved to France last December, something I wanted to do. Congratulations and have a wonderful Christmas in Oregon...from the middle of France!

  12. Beautiful photo! We are in upstate NY and still barely a dusting of snow here!