Friday, January 18, 2013

The Endless Quilt Project

I have been going through a major block with my painting these last couple of months, so after the busy-ness of the holidays I decided to get back to a quilt project I started last summer. I have also decided to only paint when I feel like it, going forward, so I'll probably be able to actually finish the quilt soon!

This is my first quilt, so I started by flipping through some books on the subject. I have to admit I didn't read a whole bunch, but rather just looked at pictures, and am now (halfway through) realizing some mistakes that could have been prevented. (sheepish grin)

I decided on a simple design (so it wouldn't take months & months - ha!) based loosely on one I liked in a book and jumped right in. We have a fabulous fabric store here in Eugene - every fabric is one I want! I had a hard time narrowing it down, but I finally chose this as my general theme.

I made a bunch of these squares, all with slightly different layouts. This one (above) is not completely stitched.

Just the other day I started laying them all out on the studio floor (much to the annoyance of my family who now have to avoid stepping on it). Next I will stitch all these parts together, and then put on a border.

I just bought the back piece, which is going to match the purples. Next I will put my quilt "sandwich" together and do the quilting itself. I went back and forth about whether I should do it myself or pay to have it done, but I decided to go for it.

After that I'll bind the edge, which I have dutifully watched several videos about (thank god for Youtube!!!).

When it's done I'll use this quilt for travelling. The blankets in hotels are never to the liking of my knees. My husband says my knees are crazy, but whatever.
: )


  1. That is going to be stunning! Well done you - such patience involved in quilting, I really admire it!

  2. Beautiful color scheme! Is there anything more "homey" than a quilt? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Carol - I'm so interested to read about this, because I've not been painting much either. Instead, I am... KNITTING! A kind-of 2 needle version of quilting. Enjoy the change of it, as I am. 3 pairs of elbow-length gloves, a jumper a cardigan and half a scarf later... Eventually we'll get bored with it and painting will seem the more attractive option once again! With love, Julie Douglas, Ireland xx

  4. The quilt will be lovely.
    I have several to finish and hopefully, this year ....
    The doing something else is a great idea. James had built a mandolin each of the last 3 winters, including this. Doing something creative in a different vein seems to rejuvenate his painting when he does return to it.

  5. Love these semi-crazy blocks! You got a scrappy look with only a few fabrics - and great color choices. You are a natural Carol - looking forward to your quilts just as much as your paintings. :)

  6. love your quilt. it seems to reflect your painting style! I am so wanting to be in your class!

    I also quilt. My favorite is crazy quilts. I take old clothes that I love the colors and have memories, chop them up and sew them back together, then chop that up and sew it back differently. Then I sew them in strips in a big square. marvelous! I also make keepsake teeshirt quilts. Guys tend to collect teeshirts for hobbies. I have made several car-themed lap-quilts.

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  8. Hi Carol, I just found your blog from reading your article. I am a quilter and a painter. I have made both bed quilts and art quilts, and the last few years I have been painting on top of my quilts.

    Don't worry about the break from painting. You are staying creative which is what's important. You may get painting ideas from quilting and then more quilting ideas from painting.

    I love the colors you have picked for your quilt. It will turn out wonderful.

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