Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Paradise in a Raptear

Recently we've been thinking that our giant (24ft) camper is just too much to haul around (seeing as how we haven't done anything with it except use it as a guest room for over a year!). So we bought ourselves a cute little teardrop trailer. -->
We got it from a local (Eugene) guy who has a company making them. This particular one was a prototype for his little family and includes a bunk bed inside for one small kid (which we happen to have, for a little while longer). The back opens up to form a galley kitchen. I forgot to get a picture of the extra shelf that attaches to the side. And you can't see the sink or double burner stove that pulls out, and all the storage for kitchen stuff.

Our maiden voyage with the "Raptear" as the seller called it, was to Paradise campground about an hour from Eugene, up in the mountains. We were camped right beside the McKenzie river, and these two cuties were my adventuring companions.
Sunday was Mother's Day, and my son and step-daughter had given me some very nice earrings shaped like bacon and eggs (because bacon and eggs are wonderful!). Right after we took this family pic, while on a hike, I realized they had both fallen out. So we all searched the ground as we walked back to camp. Jacob found one on the trail, and I found the other in camp. They were pretty small, so it was nothing short of a miracle!
At any rate, it was a short but lovely trip - just one night. The trailer worked great! It was cold outside but cozy inside. Unfortunately someone (I won't mention names) had to get out and pee in the middle of the night and inadvertently let out all the warm air, which made the rest of us very cold!! Lesson learned. We are looking forward to a longer trip in the summer when Jacob is out of school.


  1. That looks like a lot of fun! Great for a traveling plein-air painter!

  2. What a fun time and beautiful place to camp! I have a vintage Shasta travel trailer that I stay in when I go out to paint wild horses. I call it "The Paint Box" and it makes long painting trips very comfortable.

  3. how fabulous and in the future don't let that person, drink any liquids after 6 pm :D

  4. Sweet family and a sweet story. Enjoy every one of those days!