Wednesday, September 28, 2011

White Knuckles!

David Here: After two days of barren desolation, through west Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and the state of severe boredom, our drive positively enlivened as we skirted not quite far enough around LA through rush hour traffic. The traffic was worse in the other direction, though, where I measured over 20 miles of bumper to bumper. I imagine folks in LA get home after work each day with just about enough time to turn around and drive back in.

The lovely combination of too many Red Bulls, 14 lanes of rush hour traffic in both directions, the 6 some odd inches of clearance between the camper and the semi's roaring past, and 100 miles of the worst washboard highways on which I have ever driven, has rendered the permanent grimace you see below on my stricken face.

Then finally, the pinnacle of the day was the adventure the GPS led us on, down an ever narrowing dirt road, which precisely did not lead to the RV Park. Luckily, the kind gentleman who lived behind the locked gate, which ended our misdirected journey, with the "Trespassers will be Shot" sign, let us in to turn the camper around over his yard. 

Jacob has been a champ through it all and even revived sufficiently once we corrected our error of forgetting to feed him. Poor boy, you can almost see his bones.

We ended up in an RV park in the Angeles Forest. It'd be beautiful if there were any trees.

Tonight we are going to set up camp in Northern California where tomorrow we have planned a day of stress free frolicking among the redwoods and sequoias.

- David


  1. For a moment, I thought you might have taken a wrong turn and ended up skirting Houston.....yes, traffic.....errant, mischievous GPS, not being able to see the forest without the trees.... very good post. I felt your exhaustion!

  2. And great Jacob - how could I not comment on him!

    Ya find out what's-sinew (make no bones about it) when you travel across the country in a joint like that on wheels! He is indeed a trooper, right down to the marrow!

  3. Sounds absolutely harrowing. I feel your pain. The joys of cross country moving. It will make for good stories later, we have one about driving the 17ft u haul with flames shooting out of the tailpipe in Abuquerque... On the way to Oregon. Fun times.

  4. What a fabulous attitude you all have.

    Hey, Jacob...I want those bones. Where can I buy them?

    Safe driving...and keep loving each other.

  5. I wish I had read this earlier, when you were in the Angeles Forest; I would have loved to bring you a good, home cooked meal. Safe travels, my vagabond trio.

  6. ALL righty then... You made it to the Pacific Coast.
    Home schoolin' the whole way! This trip will make a fine essay someday for Jacob!